logo-brocade-wing-r1c-red-pos-rgbRedefining Storage Networking

We have Brocade-certified network engineers who are able to provide optimized solutions more effectively with their familiarity with Brocade technology. In fact, we recently switched over to Brocade to support our internal infrastructure as a demonstration of trust in their technology. While our partnership with Brocade is fairly new, we’re looking forward to introducing the technology into our customer base in Chicago, IL.


We are a certified vendor of Brocade in Chicago, offering a large range of switch options to meet a variety of needs, like core, aggregation, and data center switching. A few of our favorites are the ICX 7450, ICX 6610, and ICX 7750 switches.

ICX 6450

The ICX 7450 has uplink speeds of 1GbE, 10GbE or 40GbE and support for 10GBASE-T, with fiber and copper cabling options without special cables needed due to the 40 GbE standards based stacking links.

ICX 6610

The ICX 6610 sports 320 Gbps of stacking bandwidth and can stack up to eight switches in a single logical chassis.

ICX 7750

The ICX 7750 can have up to 12 switches per stack and up to 10km between stacked switches with up to 480 Gbps of backplane, stacking bandwith with full redundancy/span.


We also offer routing options in Chicago with Brocade’s vRouters. A flexible and cost-effective solution with software defined networking, the vRouters offer simplicity without compromising high performance.

Built for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), the Brocade vRouter is the first virtual router for carrier-class networks and is the highest-performing software router in the industry. It is up to 40x faster than other virtual routing products, delivering advanced routing, stateful firewall, NAT, and VPN capabilities in software.

You can utilize your already existing virtual infrastructure, which can increase redundancy and speed in your network routing performance. There are two platforms: the 5400 base level model and the more powerful 5600 with even more performance.

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