Your storage is a major investment. It should meet all your needs.

DataCoreMany organizations have made the strategic choice to virtualize their servers, and by doing this, have gained control of their server environment through consolidation and lower cost. DataCore’s SANsymphony-V applies the same principles to storage, virtualizing any storage you own and providing one common set of features across the storage.

SANsymphony-V allows you to combine your different types of storage together as a shared pool to eliminate wasted space through thin-provisioning. Storage from different vendors now work as one, which reduces complexity and prevents downtime.

High Availability

DataCore provides high availability by mirroring data between two or more SANsymphony-V storage controllers, creating two active copies of your data and leaving no single point of failure.

Easily Scalable

You can easily scale the solution by choosing whether or not you need to scale out with more storage or scale up with a faster tier of storage and choosing the most appropriate hardware manufacturer for each storage tier.


DataCore’s sub-LUN auto-tiering dynamically optimizes resources, allowing you to create up to 15 tiers of storage and automatically migrating data to the tier that delivers the right performance at the right time. Data can be automatically migrated from flash to Enterprise Storage to Near-Line Storage and even off to the cloud for archival.

Choose your hardware. Choose when to upgrade. Choose a more powerful datacenter. Choose a storage strategy that puts the power back in your hands.

Here is the full feature list DataCore’s SANsymphony-V brings to your storage.

  • Caching for extreme performance for hot data
  • Auto-Tiering (sub-LUN) for correct performance
  • Sync Mirroring for High Availability
  • Async Remote Replication for Disaster Recovery
  • Data Migration to make new storage purchases easy
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for recovery
  • Storage Pooling for easy management
  • Snapshots for backup and recovery
  • Thin-Provisioning for efficient utilization
  • Virtual SAN for flexibility
  • Analysis and Reporting for empowerment
  • Centralized Management for control
  • …a storage strategy you can live with

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