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Ruckus Wireless is a best of breed wireless networking equipment provider, delivering innovative networking solutions characterized by flexibility, reliability, and affordability. Simply put, Ruckus makes installation, maintenance, and operation hassle free.

Wireless connections are expected to be consistent and reliable, even in high-density environments. With Ruckus, wireless connections are truly dependable. Ruckus Wireless’ Smart Wi-Fi technology delivers on these expectations by combining cutting-edge hardware and software to send signals around obstacles that may interfere with your network connection.

Smart Wireless Services

Interact with people on your wireless network based on their location using  SPoT Location Services.

With SmartCell Insights data from past wireless performance is used to enhance your future wireless system.

Avoid spotty coverage with  ZonePlanner, a pre-installation RF planner.

Systems Management and Control 

With up to 25 access points, Ruckus Unleashed connects over 500 users using this controller-less wireless experience.

ZoneDirector is a wireless network controller that holds up to 75 access points.

 Ideal for a growing network, the SmartZone Software allows 30,000 devices to connect simultaneously.

Access Points

For a reliable and secure WLAN system check out the ZoneFlex Indoor access points.

The ZoneFlex Outdoor system is ideal to withstand harsh weather while providing extended wireless range.

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