Do you know what software is installed on your computers? What was accidentally downloaded from the Internet by an employee? Ever wonder why some companies have less trouble with miscellaneous extra software?

Your software should work around your business, rather than your business working around your software.

Quite simply, other companies have formal policies and procedures that only allow certain approved software to be installed. How many small business owners can say they have time to stay on the cutting edge of the software industry? Let the team of experienced IT engineers at Mirazon take care of all your software needs!

For most businesses today, software is the backbone of operations, which means two things:

  • The initial software choice must be correct for your business.
  • The software you chose just has to work right, no questions asked.

We will assess your unique business needs, help you make decisions regarding what software is worth investing in, and consult on the best licensing practices for you. Additionally, we can maintain and update software so that all computers are running the same version of any software. No need to run to all computers physically to update software.

As part of a managed services contract, we can provide software, including Microsoft Office and antivirus, for a flat monthly fee.