Implementing VMware for Optimum Virtulization

vmware-squareWe’ve had a long partnership with VMware, as they have been in the virtualization space longer than anybody else. They have led in the virtualization space for years, and for this reason, we often lead with VMware when presenting solutions to customers. A number of Mirazon engineers are certified in VMware technology, making it easier for us to deliver optimized solutions for our customers.

We partner with VMware to provide vSphere, the leading virtualization platform. Additionally, we offer VMware vCenter Server, the perfect centralized platform to manage vSphere environments. This allows the automation and delivery of a virtual infrastructure. For enterprises, vSphere can be updated to add vSphere with Operations Management, which offers higher-level interfaces than vCenter Server while additionally improving both monitoring capabilities and resource management.

vSphere Features:

  • Powerful Server Virtualization
  • Efficient Storage
  • High Availability
  • Network Services
  • Platform Automation
  • Consistent Management
  • Intelligent Operations
  • Operations Automation
  • Robust Security
  • Cloud API Integration

vCenter Server Features:

  • Simple Deployment
    Using host profiles or a Linux-based virtual appliance, vCenter Server can be deployed rapidly and simply.
  • Centralized Control and Visibility
    All vSphere infrastructure can be directed from one location.
  • Proactive Optimization
    Resources are optimized for maximum efficiency.
  • Management
    Management is simplified and control extended.

vSphere with Operations Management Features:

  • Unified Command Console
  • Performance Monitoring and Capacity Management
  • Increased Performance and Availability of Mission-Critical Applications
    — Increased Host-Level Configuration Maximums
    — Support for 64TB Virtual Machine Disk File
    — Flash Read Cache
    — VM Latency reduction
    — vMotion eliminates application downtime due to planned server maintenance
    — Multi-Processor Fault Tolerance
    — Big Data Extensions (BDE) Plug-in