As small businesses struggle to manage their resources, safe guarding data often times gets left to the, “I’ll get around to it” category. On occasion. this leads, sadly, to the:

“What do you mean I haven’t had a backup in a year?! My server is crashed.”

At Mirazon, we get called in too many times after the disaster and have little to work with.  Let’s face it: good backup solutions are really expensive…or are they? Enter the Datto Alto. Designed for the start up or small business with a more limited budget.

The Datto Alto is an inexpensive backup solution with lots of features to accommodate the ever-expanding data of your business. Start with a base of local backups with full data recovery and 150 gigabytes of offsite storage. As your data storage grows, your protection option expands to keep your data safe. Up to one terabyte of data is stored locally and encrypted in the cloud. This is all without changing tapes or external hard drives. Expanding to a larger solutions is amazingly easy.

For more more information on the new way to secure your data check out this short video.

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