Partner of the Year - MirazonProNine months from the first sold-out Datto partner conference in Washington, DC, the Datto team did it again! They promoted and sold out their second conference, which was held from June 3 – 6 in Las Vegas at the Aria Hotel and Casino. Over 500 attendees made the trek and were exposed to 21 hours of training and information to help them advance their business. The conference attendance is limited to Datto partners (of which Mirazon is one), as the company only sells via the Partner Channel the information is tailored to that market.

Some people might ask, how can you find enough material for three days of training for a backup conference? For the talented Datto team it was no problem. They brought in great keynote speakers who addressed tasks and issues that partners deal with on a daily basis. There was an educational track for sales and a second track for the technical side, which was interspersed with updates from Datto engineers and developers who got to show off what they have been working on. And they have been working hard!

Datto Partner Conference Announcements

Austin McChord, the owner of Datto, made another series of great announcements. The first, which has been the most requested feature since 2009, was the creation of end-user portals.

This feature allows Datto partners to configure a portal designed specifically for the client to log into and manage their devices. The configurable permissions are granulated to show only the appropriate features the client needs in order to manage their device. The portal also allows the client to order a round-trip drive.

The second announcement was an update of the just recently release Datto network attached storage (NAS) product. The NAS update to version 1.1 introduces new protocols such as iSCSI and FTP. For clients that don’t need the virtualization recovery features of Datto but do need to back up their data, this is the perfect choice because the data will be replicated offsite to the Datto datacenters.  It also has a feature called Smartsearch, which allows you to easily search the backups for the file(s) you need to recover. Full retention configuration is available as well.

The third announcement was one that caused the partners to fall out of their chairs.

Datto only produces a turn-key BDR and NAX hardware appliances, right? Not anymore! Their whiz developers have now created the Virtual SIRIS2 backup appliance.

This is a total game changing product. All of the features of Datto running in as a VM on VMware! The virtual appliance is sold based on the amount of storage you want to back up, just like the traditional model. Now you can stand up your own hardware running VMware ESX, download the appliance from Datto’s website, which is about a five gigabyte download, install it, give it some storage, put in your license key, configure it as you would a physical appliance and now you have your business continuity solution. It is fully compatible with ESE 5.1 and above. You can still use it to backup physical and/or virtual machines. With this product, Datto introduced yet another level of flexibility in creating business continuity solutions for our customers. And one more thing: they will release a version compatible with Hyper-V also, probably by end of year.

There will be more to come on this once we can download it and put it through its paces.

The fourth announcement was the upgrade of the storage in both the east coast and west coast datacenters to four terabyte hard drives. Datto currently has 50 petabytes of storage in use. Ten petabytes of this storage has been generated between January 1, 2014 and June 1, 2014 alone. They are have been shipping an average of 55 units a day, which is over 6000 since January! They are shipping worldwide — this is not a small mom-and-pop business, folks.

Just another way Datto shows its commitment to its partners was demonstrated by Ian McChord, Austin’s brother and an equally impressive individual. Ian requested during the technical sessions that we present a list of feature requests and Datto would commit up to $250K to implement the top five suggestions requested. I’m excited to see what comes out of the voting.

Honored to Contribute

On a personal note I was honored to be one of two partners selected to have lunch with Austin. Rather than talk business we chatted about careers, hobbies and passions. Austin also let us know about some future projects he working on and hopes to present soon….

Nope, not telling, but they are very exciting. And based on what we have seen from him and his team, they will again be revolutionary.

I was doubly honored and thrilled when Ian McChord asked if I would participate in a panel discussion during the technical track about the care and maintenance of the Datto appliances.
Finally, as a wrap up to the Datto partner conference, Mirazon was selected as one of two Datto Partners Of The Year! Mirazon’s CTO and owner, Barry Martin, was with me at the conference and we both looked at each other in amazement because the award came as a pleasant surprise.

This covers just a few of the highlights of the conference. The Datto product line is exclusively sold via its channel partners and the information presented above shows the level of commitment Datto has to its partners and we are thankful for it.

Mirazon has earned Datto Elite Partner Status, which is the highest attainable level, we are also a member of the Datto Partner Advisory Council and we are extremely proud to have been selected a Datto Partner Of The Year for 2014.
Thanks for everything, Datto, and we look forward to next year’s event!