Well, that’s another DattoCon for the books. This year’s event was the fifth annual and we met in Denver, Colorado at the Colorado Convention Center. As a channel-only company, Datto continues bringing multiple new features to its existing product line and introducing new products to the partners worldwide. This year, over 1000 partners attended the two-day event. Each year attendance has increased by 25 percent, and to top it off, this year is Datto’s tenth anniversary!

The main focus this year was on business continuity. With the recent upgrade of the Datto appliance fleet to Ubuntu 16.04, along with an extensive list of software updates and product hardening, they are concentrating on making their devices even more secure against the ever-growing threat of malware.

This year a number of products are tightened up with highly requested security updates and OS patches. DattoCon continues to solidify Datto’s reputation for being committed to data protection every year, on top of improving ways for partners like us to deliver excellent solutions to our clients.

If you’re interested in the bits and bytes, the below are some of the technological announcements at Datto that I’m excited about.

New Updates

  • Hyper-V end-to-end support: you can virtualize direct to Hyper-V and you can export as a VHDX from local storage or the cloud.
  • Windows Server 2016 is now fully supported as a backup source and a hypervisor.
  • Their entire backup product line now has a single code base to simplify updates and patches.
  • Two-factor authentication is now available for partners to securely access the Datto management portal.
  • A new feature called Fast Failover enables continual restoration to a standby server (near high availability).
  • Enhanced bare metal restore now requires less downtime. You can copy an image while running in disaster recovery mode, and you can complete your recovery in a single reboot.
  • Updates to the Open Mesh switch to provide better VoIP management. The eight-port switch also has a 150-watt power budget for PoE and the larger switches can scale up to 740!
  • In Saas Protection for Office 365 (formerly known as Backupify), they have expanded search and audit capabilities. Restores are five times faster, backups are 12 times faster and exports are 300 times faster. There is now also true point-in-time backup functionality with three daily Office 365 snapshots, which users are able to browse, export or restore from.

New Hardware Releases

The new Alto 3 appliance while still a hybrid backup solution, has double the storage and double the performance power and is designed for protecting up to four devices. The hardware has been upgraded to an I3 CPU with eight gigabit of throughput and a two-terabyte solid state drive. Like all Datto appliances, it supports Windows, Mac, and Linux clients. The Alto 3 is still a perfect solution for a small office with a single critical server and a few workstations to protect. It has simple pricing (per device being backed up) and supports unlimited offsite backup retention.

The S3X4 is a big step up with storage and power. It is limited to four devices, but it contains four terabytes of storage, and 32 gigabytes of RAM with an I5 CPU. However, for the “need for speed” crowd, there is the Siris S3X professional model: all-flash storage, Xeon eight-core CPU, and 48 to 64 gigabytes of RAM.

Datto acquired Open Mesh last year and they immediately began updating and enhancing the wireless and switching products with expanded features. The wireless product has 2×2 or 3×3, with auto-mesh routing, -20c rating, layer 7 capabilities, and both indoor and outdoor ratings.

The Wi-Fi-enabled DNA firewall appliance is now available with layer 7 DPI, QoS, traffic shaping, site-to-site VPN, auto updates, and an optional remote antenna.

Finally, through the aforementioned SaaS Protection appliance, you can back up your Office 365 data locally.

Upcoming Releases

Datto teased everyone with its managed power power-strip that includes six plugs, two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, an ethernet port, and an embedded access point. It is cloud managed and can be used to monitor the power on an outlet. It can even be used to remote power cycle the connected device or reset the port based on a set of rules, like “if the internet has not been seen in last two minutes, then power cycle port one”. The managed power power-strip is projected to be available in November.

A sneak peek of a new concept product was also presented: VDI for small business. It focused specifically on very small environments that don’t need a server. The demo left many partners wanting more information. We’re excited to see where this concept goes!

If you’re interested in improving your business continuity with Datto, give us a call at 502-240-0404 or email us to get started!