How does your organization communicate? What about communicating with your clients? Business Partners? Today you probably communicate via email or with scheduled face-to-face meetings in conference rooms. You are not alone. But what if there was a better way?

A technology we are very excited about here at Mirazon is Microsoft Lync Server.  Mirazon has multiple certified and highly experienced engineers that can help architect the right Lync solution for your business. Why Lync? Lync Server is part of the core Microsoft Communications ecosystem. It does many of the things you may be doing today – or are considering doing – and ties them all together in one cohesive suite. A few highlights of what Lync Server can do for you:

  • Instant Messaging: Chat in real-time with one (or more) of your employees and save time that is normally wasted playing phone tag or waiting for your email to be read.
  • Presence: Find the right people at the right time – when you need them.  And, allow your co-workers and colleagues to know when you are available and when you are busy.
  • Conferencing: Collaborate like never before via text (instant messaging), audio (voice over IP), video (webcam), including dial-in conference bridge capabilities. Conferences can be ad-hoc (just drag and drop!) or scheduled through Outlook like other scheduled meetings.
  • Screen Sharing: Work together, or get assistance with that big project from a colleague who is across town – or across the pond! A person’s physical location matters little with a little internet connection and Lync.
  • Voice: Lync Server can replace your expensive tradition phone system. Leveraging the power of Exchange Server, you can pair Lync and Exchange for a tightly integrated, mobility-enhanced, communication suite. Make and receive calls, get voicemails as text messages on your mobile phone, and even “listen” while your voicemails are read to you. It’s all possible with Lync!

Unlock all the possibilities with Lync and find out just how productive your employees can be. Contact us today to learn about using Lync for your business communication.