We have recently deployed Lync 2013 Server at a local client with about 400-500 users. They have mixed version licensing for Office Pro/Plus – about half on 2010 (no software assurance) and about half on 2013. So, for the Lync Client itself, they are using a mixed set of 2010 and 2013 clients. This is perfectly supported.

As they started their early pilot testing, they noticed that Lync 2013 clients were working perfectly, but Lync 2010 clients were having something odd happen at start-up. When they first log on, this message appears in the notification area:


install Lync update?


When they click the box, this message appears.




When they click OK, it just closes the box and Lync works fine. If you don’t click the notification area above, it just disappears and Lync continues to work fine. We’ve tried to run Windows Updates on the client and install various CU versions of the client.

After asking a contact of mine on Twitter, @alexlewis, he pointed me toward Client/Version Policies. All the particular “Client Version Policy” stuff appears correct as per our other deployments. However, the Client Version Configuration looked different than expected.




The “Allow with URL” was default (which explains the pop-up, and why it failed because the URL was blank) but it’s not checked. Weird. We clicked the “Enable Version Control” button and changed the action to “Allow” (not Allow with URL) and all is well.

Unsure what got tinkered with, or how it got that way, or even how it was taking over with the Enable button being unchecked, but, this is what worked for this particular client.

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