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A Holistic Approach to Deploying Microsoft’s Proven Voice Solution

Skype for Business has been around in many different names and forms for decades, and our team has been there watching it evolve and grow from the beginning. Now, we, as one of Microsoft’s key chosen partners, follow the proven Skype Operations Framework process to implement Skype for Business and Office 365.


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Embarking on Mirazon’s Cloud PBX Journey


Measure Twice, Cut Once

The devil’s in the details, so we take lots of care in initial Plan stage. We sit down with you to gather information and insights to assess, design and fully prepare for your Mirazon Cloud PBX Journey.

Together, we define the expected business value, assess your organization’s readiness for implementation, and undertake any necessary remediation activities before going into our Deliver phase.


Making the Mirazon Cloud PBX Journey Yours

When we conclude the Plan stage of your Mirazon Cloud PBX Journey, we then seek to fully understand how to effectively implement and deliver your new communications solution while driving its adoption. During the Deliver stage, we initiate our planned implementation process (which includes a detailed project plan and regular status meetings). We will also work with you to identify areas for improvement by implementing new features and capabilities as they are released to deliver rapid success and add value.

Your Mirazon engineers will become familiar with your environment, your workloads, your use cases and your goals, and we’ll implement your cloud communications solution to match.


Welcome to Your New Communications Solution

Once a Mirazon client, always a Mirazon client. Once your Mirazon Cloud PBX Journey is in the Operate stage, we will continuously help you to maintain a high quality and reliable communications service through monitoring, reporting, and support services. We’ll train you in whatever ways you need to drive adoption and we will touch base with you regularly to ensure you’re getting the most out of your communication solution.

And if you’re ever having trouble, we’re always here to help.

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