microsoft ignite

Credit: REUTERS/Jim Young

A few folks from the Mirazon team recently attended Microsoft’s first-ever Ignite conference. Ignite is the new hybrid conference based off of the combination of TechEd, Exchange, Lync and SharePoint conferences. To be expected, Microsoft previewed what’s to come with its software and devices. Here are a few trends I saw:


Windows 10 has some very impressive security features right out of the box.

  • A push to eliminate the password with built-in infrared biometrics for facial recognition.
  • More corporate data leakage prevention by preventing data from moving from corporate to personal accounts. You can’t even cut and paste between applications.
  • Improved file encryption: even without BitLocker, you can encrypt files on the fly and they stay encrypted during device transfer and platform moves.

As always, better security is great, but it usually requires the user to take certain actions. Not anymore! These policies can now be controlled and enforced on the corporate level.

On-the-Go Computing

It’s not news that Microsoft has been pushing for a unified experience across all devices. The 2016 products do this very well. The integration between mobile and desktop devices is pretty seamless. You can dock your phone or tablet and not miss a beat. This isn’t news either, but Microsoft is giving it to you out of the box, even for Apple devices.

Cloud Product Integration

The cloud is here and it’s big. I wouldn’t be surprised if all things become cloud driven within three years. Every single product I’ve seen is significantly cloud-centric. Microsoft is pushing complete product integration using the cloud.

I know there is a fair amount of resistance to the cloud from the current IT community. This is not a technology change as much as a culture change. The cloud gives you the ability to work anywhere, any time, and allows the work force to be much more mobile. The next generation of employees will not only expect mobility, but demand it. Microsoft and other are just positioning themselves for the way things will be in the very near future.

What does Microsoft have coming that you’re excited about?