The service we provide to our clients is just as important as what we sell — the way we interact with said clients is arguably the most important of all that we do. Our owners like to say that we’re a customer service company that happens to do IT, and we use that mentality to guide us on how we work with our clients every day.

Here are a couple tips we use to always have our best feet forward when it comes to supplying customer service.

Smile When You’re on the Phone

The person on the other end of the line can hear the difference between a mute face and one with a smile one it. In doing this, you can set the mood for the whole conversation to a positive one before it even begins. Additionally, putting a smile on your face has proven to help improve your mood. Try it! Having an approachable and positive demeanor on the phone can make all the difference for someone who’s having a very bad day.

Continuously Provide Verbal Updates and Status Reminders

You want to avoid dead silence when speaking to a customer over the phone. There are times you may find yourself on a call with the person you’re troubleshooting an issue for. It can be easy to focus so much on the issue that you forget there is someone on the other line or that you’re even on the phone! Always try to keep your customer in the loop as if they’re right beside you and you’re walking them through your process. This is especially important if it’s a major issue and they’re very anxious.

Use Lingo Anyone Can Understand

There are always times that you must take technical lingo and translate it into something a non-technical person can understand. For example, avoid acronyms. If you said, “It looks like your WAN isn’t pinging,” they’re going to be lost. Try saying, “It appears your network is having trouble connecting. I’m going to test it.” This isn’t the easiest task, but when pulled off correctly, it can allow for better conversation and one that is easier to understand.

What They Said Was Wrong? Wrong.

You’ve heard it before in the form of “The customer is always right.” The way it is useful here is when you’re speaking to a customer and they say something that technically isn’t right, it is often best to turn a blind eye to correcting them. This doesn’t mean avoid all opportunities to teach as that is beneficial for all parties involved!

Build Trust and Relationships

Building trust and relationships is an important step in supplying great customer service. In doing so, you make it easier for your client to become more comfortable and confident in your ability to take care of them. It also will allow your client to more freely provide you feedback and may diffuse any nervousness they may have about an urgent situation because they already know you’ll take care of it.

Add Additional Value

To keep this short, always take the opportunity to go a step above when given the chance. This is one of Mirazon’s core values: add value to everything you do.

For example, if we’re onsite to troubleshoot a server and have successfully gotten rid of the issues, one quick look around the room might display opportunities for you to tidy up the place or notice an alert light on elsewhere. Acting on things such as those is an easy way you can add value and really wow the client. The results can easily go unnoticed, but when they are recognized, they’re always welcomed and often appreciated to the highest degree.

If you have more questions about how we can help you and your users with your IT support, send us an email or give us a call at 502-240-0404!