mondopadEngaging students all day is a challenge. On top of that, learning standards are becoming more and more stringent and we struggle to help every student meet them.

With the introduction of tablet computers and ever-growing class sizes, how do we get students to work together and actively learn? Mondopad.

The Student Becomes the Teacher

The classic teacher-in-front-of-the-class model all the time is ineffective. It’s been proven that involving students more in the lecture and lessons is an extremely effective method. A great way to do that is through Mondopad’s large multi-touch tablet.

Students can collaborate and lead lessons. This allows them to take more responsibility for their own learning and interact closely with the material in a way that will be memorable for them.

Take a Field Trip Every Day

Orchestrating a full-blown field trip while supervising upwards of 40 students is just not feasible on a regular basis. However, the learning experience of speaking to professionals and experts out in the world is invaluable to students.

With the Mondopad’s video conferencing feature, bring the different experts and individuals in to speak to your class almost effortlessly! Your students can see and hear the speaker and even engage and ask questions in real time.

Speak Your Students’ Language

In today’s world, kids are used to all things digital. The screens, the high-gloss, the interactivity. We all know that the only way to reach students and teach lasting lessons is to get on their level and communicate in a way they understand. Mondopad makes your transformation to digital simple.

To find out more about how Mondopad revolutionizes the classroom, watch this short video about Roosevelt High in Portland, Oregon.

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