network securityIt’s no secret that network security threats are continuing to grow in sophistication. Throw in mobile devices and all the vulnerabilities and malware that come with those and you could have a complex problem on your hands. Everything from websites to email to mobile can be vulnerable and even your own employees can present a threat.

Email: Spam & Phishing

Spamming often involves emailing out a message with either a malicious file attached or a URL to a site with malicious code that will scan for vulnerabilities to grant the hacker access or to download a piece of malware. Phishing involves duping a person into providing sensitive information by impersonating a trusted person or organization. And while these threats may have reached their lowest numbers in years, according to the McAfee Threats Report: Fourth Quarter 2012, they still exist as a threat. It isn’t very hard to hoodwink an employee to click on a link or download a file, especially if that person is not trained in IT.

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Web Threats

The number of suspicious URLs jumped 70 percent in just the last quarter of 2012 alone and online auctions and financial organizations are targets for attack. The large majority of the malicious code sits in servers in the United States! Questionable websites may find vulnerabilities in the user’s browser or download some type of malware. These types of attacks could easily allow a cyber criminal access to your network and your sensitive data, especially if the website is being accessed by a browser with a known vulnerability.

Mobile Threats

More and more technology pundits are telling companies to adopt bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies or die. However, attaching mobile devices to your otherwise pristine network can present some security problems. Mobile malware doubled in just the last quarter of 2012 and continues to spike. Spyware on mobile phones has been on the rise and these could be tracking everything from the contacts saved on a phone to every keystroke made. Many mobile devices also have exploits or backdoors that a hacker could identify and manipulate to gain control of the machine.

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