datacoreIt’s no secret DataCore is one of our favorite products for larger companies. Not only does it seamlessly abstract the storage, eliminating silos, but it provides a very functional high availability solution. We’ve had DataCore users who’ve had no idea their main infrastructure was down — that’s how well the DataCore high availability mirroring works. Here are a few new features to check out in their latest version:

Hyper-Converged Virtual Desktop Services

VDI is steadily becoming more common and easier to adopt.

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There are now new VDI services and deployment tools that can automate the creation and management of stateful, highly-available virtual desktops. This makes high-density VDI implementations more cost-effective and especially well-suited for organizations seeking to deploy desktops at a departmental level. By utilizing DataCore’s high-performance caching and thin provisioning, virtual desktop services don’t require expensive flash or disk subsystems to achieve needed performance levels.

Universal Virtual Disk Deduplication and Compression Services

Deduplication on virtual disks is now possible. Virtual disks can also be compressed and scheduled in the background to reduce the space they occupy on the disks. These space-saving services apply universally across the infrastructure, not to any array-specific or vendor-specific block.

Console Services and Centralized Management for Distributed Groups

There is now a single user interface to manage virtual storage pools that are distributed across multiple locations. This interface also offers separate levels of control that can be assigned to different administrators across a hierarchy of server groups. It’s now much easier to centrally manage, control and delegate responsibilities over widely distributed storage infrastructures with fewer people.

Performance Optimizations for Flash

This update enhances how DataCore cache performs read operations from flash-based and solid-state storage technologies, resulting in faster application response, lower overhead and better utilization of costly flash memory.

Expanded Instrumentation and Metrics

This update provides additional performance metrics for virtual disks, improved heat maps and performance trending analysis reports, and added support for S.M.A.R.T. alerts from physical storage to help IT administrators better isolate performance and disk problems. This helps improve productivity and makes it easier to manage larger-scale deployments while reducing the time and expense to troubleshoot root causes of application slowdowns.

Production-Ready Random Write Accelerator (RWA)

DataCore can now convert high-latency random writes into storage-friendly sequential writes, which can yield up to 30 times faster performance for the random-write-heavy workloads that frequently update databases, ERP and OLTP systems. Not only can this optimize flash storage performance, but it grants SSD-like speed to lower-cost spinning disks.

If you need to improve your storage’s functionality but aren’t able to forklift upgrade all your arrays, DataCore could be the answer. Find out more by sending us an email or giving us a call at 502-240-0404!