Solarwinds is one of our preferred IT monitoring tools. We’ve been using it for years with our enterprise clients and it’s fairly robust. Out of the box, it’s a networking monitoring tool but it also has various components that expand its capabilities, like monitoring storage and virtualization, web performance, etc.

The most recent update came out in February and I’ve upgraded a few clients. There are a few features that I particularly like.

Web-Based Alerting

Anyone who’s used Solarwinds knows that alerting was always a separate application. That was kind of inconvenient because it was completely separated from the Solarwinds portal. It was clumsy to try to address or set alerts by having to flip back and forth.web alerting

With the web-based alerting, it’s integrated into the Solarwinds portal so it’s very quick to modify or set up a new alert on the fly as you see fit:

web interface options


Capacity Forecasting

Solarwinds now has the ability to take the data that it captures and use it to forecast growth. For example, if your C drive is 60 percent full and you’re adding X amount of space per day, it will calculate how much time you have until you will run out of space.

It’s very good information in an easily digestible alert in your dashboard.


Wireless Heat Maps

This is a great way of seeing where your highly utilized access points (APs) are located. It calculates this based on number of clients on the AP as well as the traffic utilized. However, it only supports Cisco wireless controllers as of right now.

heat maps

If you’re considering making the jump to an IT monitoring tool like Solarwinds, check out Tim’s post about being strategic about your alerting system. Solarwinds has been around for a while and covers a lot of ground in terms of IT monitoring. If you can think up what you want monitored, it can probably accommodate. And, if it doesn’t, it has a very open community of developers.

If you have questions about how to properly configure your IT monitoring tools, email us or give us a call: 502-240-0404!