Computer infections have greatly increased in both the home and the work environment. There are many tools available for fighting these vermin. Some work, most don’t.  Mirazon has been researching tools to fight these problems. Currently the biggest concerns are:

Drive-By Infections

You connect to a valid reputable web site that has been hacked and the infection is installed without your knowledge when you click on a link. This overrides most antivirus programs installed.


Remember Cryptolocker? This is just one of many of this new type of infection. If you are unlucky enough to be inflicted with this, you could lose any data that you do not have good backup copies of.

There are many other malicious programs already floating around or just waiting to be released.

We partnered with OpenDNS to combat these problems. How does it work? Like most really good solutions the answer is simple. An agent is installed on each workstation, laptop and server that connects to the internet and every time the computer connects to the internet, OpenDNS will check to see if the site you are connecting to is safe. If the site is unsafe or infected, it will be blocked and show you a reason why. If malicious software is installed on your workstation by another method and tries to phone home to activate, OpenDNS will block it.

There are multiple levels of implementation available.

Level 1: Blocks malware and botnets with no additional filtering

Level 2: Adds blocking content by category. For example, you can choose from categories like adult, hacking, social media, etc.

Level 3: Adds the ability to log in detail where all locally connected users have browsed to and provide a report of the browsing habits

Level 4: Installs agents on laptops with group policies that force the use of OpenDNS servers for protection and tracking.

For more information on this product, visit OpenDNS’s site.

Email us or give us a call at 502-240-0404 if you have any questions or would like to implement Open DNS Umbrella for your organization.