Andy Harrell

Purchasing and Procurement Specialist

Hey, I’m Andy and I joined Mirazon in January of 2021.

I have always been interested in computer hardware and technology’s ability to change the world in such a short period of time. I grew up with my dad building computers and experimenting with technology at a time when a home PC was considered a novelty, so at a young age I developed an interest in how things worked and the endless capabilities of computing. In purchasing and procurement I get to use this experience to help source the tools that companies require to fill their needs and grow.

At Mirazon I’ve quickly come to realize that, while the job itself is something I enjoy, the people make this place what it is. Getting to do this work with such dedicated people is probably the most enjoyable part.

I also operate a small pub quiz company locally with a longtime friend and my fiancé and I run a small embroidery/screen-printing shop as well.

I’ve traveled a lot the last decade or so, like visit and live in cities all over the country, particularly traveling for my fiancé’s work (she’s a nurse). Recently we’ve been in Dallas, D.C., Palo Alto, San Francisco/Oakland, St. Louis, Daytona Beach, Austin, San Diego, Las Vegas, Denver, Nashville, Savannah, Charlotte, Kansas City, Flagstaff, Albuquerqe, Oklahoma City.

I play guitar and sing. Actually, I participated down to the last 75 contestants or so in the TV show The Voice several years ago. I also sang opera in college.

I’ve segued my education in broadcast journalism and my love of sports into being able to contribute (on and off) to some online college basketball publications.

I also am always fascinated by a globe or history/geography factoids. You can usually find me doing anything of those things or catching a movie. I keep a rolling index of every movie I’ve ever seen on IMDB.

I ran bars and restaurants for over a decade so now that I’m not behind the bar I am usually game to grab a Margarita or a Manhattan any night off the week. I like to stay busy and enjoy the world around me.

My dad recently gave me this book that explains human history and modern history through the context of maps. It’s probably at the top of my list.

Any number of Indian dishes, like masala, saag paneer, pakora, vindaloo…whichever.

I think a tour of Polynesia/Southeast Asia

I love 90’s hip hop and R&B and soul/folk. Amos Lee, Chris Stapleton, Ray Charles, Sam Smith, Tupac, Hozier, (old)Kanye, Sam Cooke and so many more.