Billie Ross

Special Projects Coordinator

My name is Billie Ross. I am married to one of the owners, John Ross; we have been happily married for 28 years this August. I currently fulfill a coordinator role for the special projects team. This covers everything from coordinating updates to our trademark, updating portal information, onboarding new products and vendors, and other various internal project management tasks.

I joined Mirazon during the summer of 2010 after being a stay at home mom of my two children. My daughter is now a senior and my son will be a freshman this fall. I spend most of my free time attending marching band competitions or tennis matches, or band concerts. I am a runner at heart but enjoy knitting and reading as well.

I have a bachelor’s degree in English, which comes in handy when secretly correcting people’s grammar.

Favorite Book

Changes That Heal by Henry Cloud

Favorite Food

Anything Mexican or Italian.

Dream Vacation

White sandy beaches or crisp mountain air – anywhere is fine as long as I’m with my husband.

Favorite Music

Jason Aldean