Chris Jalaff

Systems Engineer

I’m Chris Jalaff and I joined Mirazon as a systems engineer in March of 2021! I’m excited to join such a dynamic team.

I love working with technology (old and new), figuring out how to make things interconnect and help make our lives better. I’ve enjoyed helping people leverage virtualization solutions to reduce cost, streamline management and eliminate downtime by implementing monitoring and automation.

Ever since I was a baby I wanted to know how things worked. I recall my mother telling stories of how I would take everything apart and nothing was safe. As I grew older so did my curiosity, and soon I was able to put most things back together. I was told that in some cases there were parts left over, but somehow still managed to work. I like to joke and say I was an efficiency engineer in training.

Just like overclocking my virtual environment, I’m always “overclocking” my cars. From bolt on superchargers, to twin turbo upgrades. Making them faster, louder and less fuel efficient. It’s about smiles per gallon, not miles per gallon.



Favorite Food

Pizza, BBQ, Chinese and Mexican

Dream Vacation

Anywhere tropical with clear blue water and a margarita.

Favorite Music