Cleber Laranja

Managed Services Engineer

Hello, I am Cleber Laranja , and I started at Mirazon in February of 2022.

I’ve alweays been interested in this field growing up, so I decided to attend school for Information System Management. I’ve found I’m drawn to helping people with their technology needs, as well as solving their problems.

What I love about my job is just that – I get to help people. Plus I love learning about new technologies that are being developed in today’s high-tech world.

In my spare time I like to enjoy the outdoors, whether it be watching soccer games or enjoying barbecues with friends and family.


MISM 100%
CompTIA A+ 100%
HIPPA Business Associate 100%

Any short and sweet book that deals with technology.

Rock 80s and 90s and Elvis

Cleber Laranja