Craig Smith

NOC/SOC Engineer

Hey, I’m Craig and I started at Mirazon in June of 2021 after working as an IT tech for the City of Jackson, Mississippi.

My intrigue for knowing how things work is at the core of my interest. On top of that, my love for making things work attracted me to gadgets (computers) that are evolving so fast that there’s always something new! And if there’s something new, there’s something old that needs attention. Along the way, I’ve been exposed to the adventure of helping people discover their “why”! It’s cool to talk with people about what technology can do but to watch the boosters ignite when people connect their “why” with the “what” — that’s awesome!
So far, I’ve enjoyed the energy of working with people at Mirazon because they love their craft! One-up on that is the bonding that results after conquering a formidable project!
Aside from my job, I enjoy relaxing with my wife, playing games with the family and being outdoors! From taking a jog, to white water rafting, to being 10 feet off the ground with a compound bow in 32 degree temps at 5:30am. These are a few of my favorite things!

GREEN by Ted Dekker (from his The Circle series)

I’m a foodie, so it’s hard to nail down a favorite. But there’s nothing like good old soul food! Baked chicken (cause the fried and I no longer agree), collard greens, cornbread. Oh, don’t forget the peach cobbler ala mode!

The Mediterranean shores with my wife, watching her smile!

Gospel, Jazz and 80’s R&B. Artists I love: Kirk Franklin, Kirk Whalum and Earth, Wind & Fire!