Dakarai Shafer, Managed Services Technician

Hey, my name is Dakarai Shafer. I am a native of the “Golden State,” California! I moved to Louisville when I was a mere four years old after my father retired from the Air Force.

Having an older brother 10 years my senior, I found myself in his shadow soaking up many of his interest/hobbies as I grew. These included video games, Lego, cars, and technology in general. In my later years, I had the opportunity of joining my high school’s computer team. We went around fixing most of the downed computer equipment and it was through that I found my passion for IT.

Since then, I’ve attended Sullivan University for Computer Engineering Technology and have now been given the privilege of working alongside some of the best in the field here at Mirazon. Outside of work, I love spending time with my girlfriend and friends, producing music, and driving backroads.

Favorite Foods

New York style pizza, tacos, sushi

Favorite Movies

The Goonies, Child’s Play, The Matrix

Dream Vacation

London, UK. One of the first places I wanted to visit as a kid!