Don Dahl

Managed Services Technician

Hey, I’m Don Dahl. In another life I served in a nearby fire department after retiring from the Navy. Now I spend most of my days at Mirazon helping clients. I still work as a private fire investigator here and there.

I like being able to bring a fresh look at avoiding or managing crisis in a field that I know little about, using experiences from my past that are “translatable” and I like being able to match up the problem with a person who can solve it. Those are the two things I get to do every day on the job at Mirazon.
Most of my spare time is spent working on the 70’s vintage steel hull boat. I’m also fairly decent at creating stained glass items!

Any fiction written by Tom Clancy and most history or political science related non-fiction.

Steak and baked potatoes

I want to go back to the coast of Alaska!

I can’t limit it to one genre or band. I like classical, old rock, some new rock, older country, Christian, some pop, reggae, etc.