Phylicia Potts

Managed Services Engineer

I’m Phylicia and I joined Mirazon in the summer of 2020!

I got interested in IT back when I was in middle school. My older brother was really into PC gaming and would have LAN parties at our house on weekends. He gave me his hand-me-down gaming PC after he got a new one and as he upgraded parts on his PC, I would get his old ones. The only way I could use them was if I installed them myself.

My brother also taught me how to install the hardware, how to reformat my computer, and how to optimize my system to its best abilities. Back then we were playing a lot of Counter-Strike, it sparked my curiosity why we had higher latency when we played on a hosted server whereas we wouldn’t have any latency when we played LAN games. This developed my interest in the server and networking worlds. By the time I was ready for college, I knew I wanted to major in IT and start a career working with servers and networking systems.

I love solving technical problems and learning new technologies, so I’m really enjoying my new job at Mirazon!

I love spending time with my husband and our dog. We like to go hiking, camping, boating, grilling out and visiting the dog park in the summer. In the winter I like to cook, bingewatch Netflix, and occasionally play World of Warcraft Classic. I like to watch hockey and am a big Colorado Avalanche fan (I grew up in the Denver area). My husband is from Arkansas so in the fall/winter our Saturdays are spent watching college football.

ITIL Foundation


Favorite Book

I don’t read that often, but when I do it’s typically a book about some type of new technology.

Favorite Food

My favorite food is Fettuccini Alfredo. I also have a sweet tooth for anything with chocolate. Coffee is a necessity, and so is Diet Coke.

Dream Vacation

My dream vacation would be to take a summer off of work to RV around the US and visit all of the landmarks with my husband and our dog.

Favorite Music

I like country music and classic rock the most. I also never grew out of my Britney Spears phase… I can’t help it!