rancephotobooth420x280Rance Reinhardt, Systems Engineer

Hello, my name is Rance Reinhardt.

My fascination with the IT industry began with a Gateway 2000, Windows 3.1, and a DOS certification guide at the age of six. I spent the last 10 years crafting my fascination into a passion for engineering.

I first found digital audio engineering. Working for myself and in recording studios, I recorded bands, TV, and radio advertising. Though I still have a love for the world of media production, I missed the problem solving world of IT engineering.

For the last fiveĀ of those years, I served as a network engineer and information management officer for the United States Army. My time in the Army instilled the ability to perform complicated and sometimes delicate tasks in high pressure situations. These tasks needed to be completed while still holding professionalism with the upmost regard.

I love being part of the Mirazon team. Everyone works as a team to accomplish projects with the expertise and professionalism I became accustomed to in the military.

I have a daughter who loves theater and media production. I still record and play music, and I enjoy doing video and photography projects for fun. I also enjoy table-top gaming. Astronomy and astrophysics will get me talking for hours.






MCTS Windows 7 Configuration

Favorite Band

I go in phases. Right now it’s Todd Snider.

Favorite Food


Favorite Book

Anything by Neil DeGrasse Tyson or Stephen Hawking

Dream Vacation

Backpacking all of Japan, south to north.