Tom Speaker

Customer Success Manager

Hey, I’m Tom and I started working at Mirazon in September of 2020.

Before coming to Mirazon, I spent 30+ years selling capital medical imaging equipment including AI, PET, MRI, CT, NUKE med, ultrasound, Cath LAB’s vascular labs, and X-rays. I’ve always enjoyed helping customers be successful and achieve their goals. What I like most about my job is working with engineers, managers, and our customers to ensure everything happens seamlessly and goes as well as possible.

In my spare time I enjoy boating and fishing – I love the water and the beach. I used to live on a sailboat in the Virgin Islands and in Alabama. I am also an advocate for Water With Blessings. I speak to schools, churches, and organizations about getting clean water for kids. For 75$ you can provide clean water for a lifetime for 20 people. That comes to $3.75 per person for clean water for life.

How can you make a bigger difference than that for so little money and effort? You can learn more about this cause and donate by clicking here.

NSE 1-3 100%
LAMP 100%
Veeam Certified Sales Professional (VMSP) 100%

I love to cook and grill. I like all kinds of food, but prefer things I grill or smoke myself. Mexican and Italian foods are great.

Sailing from island to island going places where there are few or no people, catching and grilling fish, watching the stars at night, snorkeling and diving.

I like a wide range of music – old school rock, reggae, and new country.

Tom Speaker