Brian McCleskey


Brian McCleskey Systems Engineer Hi, my name is Brian McCleskey and I joined Mirazon in December of 2015. Before working at Mirazon, I was the Director of Infrastructure for Seven Corners, an insurance company in Indiana.  I have had the pleasure of working with the talented engineers [...]

Justin Cottrell


Justin Cottrell Network Engineer Hello my name is Justin Cottrell. I joined Mirazon in July of 2010. I began working with technology in middle school when I decided to have Windows 95 on my home PC. From then on I have spent much of my time learning [...]

Kyle Haas


Kyle Haas Systems Engineer Hi! I’m Kyle and I've been with Mirazon since 2017. I've got a unique resume for sure--I'm actually a biologist and have a minor in German language! I worked as an EMT during all four years of college and as a food scientist [...]

Brent Earls


Brent Earls Chief Technology Officer Hello, my name is Brent Earls and I’ve been with Mirazon since February of 2007. I am currently the chief technical officer and I have a specific focus in storage and virtualization technologies. I handle high-level architecture and design as well as [...]

Ben Ross


Ben Ross Consulting Services Manager Hello, my name is Ben Ross and I joined the Mirazon team in April of 2011. I’ve been working with computers since I was a kid and my first computer was basically composed of a keyboard, a small black and white television, [...]

Fred Moore


Fred Moore Systems Engineer Hello, I’m Fred Moore and am happy to be a part of the Louisville engineering team. My interests range from cooking to wood working, however, my family is my biggest priority. I have a beautiful wife, Elaine, and two great kids, Jon and [...]

Mike Hall


Mike Hall Systems Engineer Hi! I'm Mike and I joined Mirazon April of 2021. I got into IT because I always loved tinkering with computers and looking for a way to make my gaming experience better! I then decided to join Best Buy as a computer salesman [...]

Diane Crump


Diane Crump Consulting Services Assistant My name is Diane Crump and I joined Mirazon in May of 2016 and have found Mirazon to be the best place to work … hands down! This mid-western girl found her way to Louisville approximately 10 years ago. I bring with [...]

Tim Lewis


Tim Lewis Security Practice Manager Hello, my name is Tim Lewis. I have been an information technology consultant since 2003. I became interested in joining the team at Mirazon based on recommendations from other IT professionals and Mirazon's reputation in the information technology community. I joined the [...]

Kevin Oppihle


Kevin Oppihle Systems Engineer Welcome, my name is Kevin Oppihle. I joined Mirazon the first quarter of 2008. I joined Mirazon because of their mission of delivering world-class technical expertise combined with the highest level of customer service. My IT background includes beginning as a hardware technician [...]

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