Advanced email protection for modern security threats.

Email hackers are getting innovative and threats evolve every day. Keep email malware and threats at bay with next-generation spam filtering.

Proofpoint filtering for cloud based and on-premises email protects against a variety of email threats, like malware, phishing and imposter email. Email protection also provides granular filtering for spam, bulk “graymail” and unwanted email.

Protection Against Imposter Emails

The latest form of email threats come in the form of imposter email, also known as business email compromise (BEC) and CEO fraud. These threats do no involve malware and make threats difficult to detect. Proofpoint technology implements dynamic classifications of imposter emails along with authentication and pre-defined rules to identify and block threats. Analysis includes sender-recipient relationships, domain reputation, email headers and envelope attributes, and email content.

Granular Filtering and Control

Both inbound and outbound emails can be malicious. Create custom rules to meet your unique filtering needs. Flexibility allows you to enable individual quarantines for spam, imposter, bulk, phishing, malware, adult, and low priority emails to separate email types and provide users with an email digest all while blocking malicious emails.

Detailed Visibility

Proofpoint Email Protection makes analysis and maintenance simple. Search log data with the high-performance tracing features based on dozens of search criteria.

Address issues and trends with more than 60 real-time reports available with detailed visibility into mail flow and trends.

Each user have access to email preferences using quarantines, safe and block lists, and bulk email delivery

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