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of businesses experience phishing & social engineering
records breached in first half of 2019
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Ransomware Attacks Are Up Nearly 150% -- Are You Ready?

Malicious attacks on American organizations have been on the rise this year and ever-growing in their sophistication.

Is your information technology secured against data breaches or data loss?

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In our review we’ll cover:

  • Backups and disaster recovery tools and plans
  • Systems security practices, softwares and policies
  • Authentication and access methods, procedures and tools
  • User security procedures and policies

After your FREE one-hour assessment with Mirazon, you’ll leave with an easy-to-understand action plan and recommendations to achieve your best levels of ransomware resiliency!

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The best defense against malware and ransomware attacks is a layered approach — combining different levels of technology together.

With a combination of properly set policies, software and hardware, you can block malware at every turn.

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