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How to Renew Your DataCore Certified Implementation Engineer (DCIE) Status

By August 5, 2014No Comments

Renew Your DataCore Certified Implementation EngineerDataCore released its newest version of SANsymphony back in April. Of course, there are new features to it, so if you are a DCIE you must get up to speed on the new software to maintain your certification. Check out my last blog post to learn more about SANsymphony-V 10 and how to test it in a lab.

DataCore recently released a deadline for DCIEs to maintain their certifications — you must complete additional training by November 30 of 2014.

For existing SANsymphony-V 9.x DCIE Engineers:

To upgrade to SANsymphony-V 10.x, listen to the SANsymphony-V 10 Differences Recording available from the DataCore Course Calendar. After you’ve watched the video, which is only 18 minutes long,  request the new SANsymphony-V 10 DCIE test. Do this by sending an email to with the subject line “DCIE Test Request” and ask for the new test.

Note: Currently all SANsymphony-V 9.x DCIE’s are approved to install SANsymphony-V 10 before November 30, 2014. After this date, however, a SANsymphony-V 10.x DCIE will be required. There is no need to renew your DCIE status for SANsymphony-V Product Service Packs (PSPs) or updates.

For existing SANsymphony-V 8.x DCIEs:

Before you start on the path indicated above, you must upgrade to SANsymphony-V 9.x. Once you’ve passed, follow the above process to upgrade to SANsymphony-V 10 DCIE.

To upgrade to SANsymphony-V 9.x DCIE from 8.x, listen to the ‘SANsymphony-V R9 Differences Recording’ available from the DataCore Course Calendar.

For current SANsymphony 7.x or SANmelody DCIEs:

Unfortunately, if you have not already renewed your DCIE status to SANsymphony-V 8.x (or 9.x) then you must restart the process of getting your DCIE from scratch. Please review FAQ 1301 for details.

Regarding any DCIEs who want to be able to do an ‘in-place’ upgrade from SANmelody 3.x or SANsymphony 7.x to SANsymphony-V:

You must already be a certified SANsymphony-V DCIE then, additionally, attend and pass the one-day Upgrade Training Course to become certified to perform in-place upgrades from SANmelody or SANsymphony. See FAQ 1442 for more details.

If you’re interested in DataCore training, check out our class registration page for the latest dates!