Highly Available, Powerful,

Resilient Storage = Winning

Say goodbye to performance problems, latency and downtime. Stop fighting with your networking and server teams or pointing fingers. You’ll know it won’t be your storage causing bottlenecks and slowness ever again.

  • Abstract your storage management from the hardware
  • Increase performance with caching
  • Pool unlike storage under a single pane of glass
  • Grant a single set of features across storage types
  • Create highly available active-active metro clusters
  • Perform maintenance without downtime

Read how Mirazon ensures 100% uptime for internet service company Consolidated Communications.

Learn how Indiana municipality and emergency services provider City of Carmel keeps critical systems running without downtime.

  • Performance-optimized storage for demanding applications
  • Reduced datacenter footprint
  • Lower power consumption
  • Dependable and reliable hardware through 30 years of innovation

Find out how Violin helps bring power to hundreds of thousands of homes with high-performance, reliable storage supporting this Fortune 1000 company’s systems.