Outlook 2013 has quite a few beneficial features to it and one that I recommend you use is the caching feature. By utilizing Outlook 2013’s caching feature, you can cut down on bandwidth usage during the day.

Start by going to account settings. Outlook 2013 not only has the traditional checkbox to turn caching on or off, but also has a new slide bar to select how many months’ worth of data you want to retain on that PC. Options are from between one month up to 24 months or all email.

This would come in handy when a user has a large email account and you are setting them up on a fresh copy of Outlook (especially Office 365 users). You can set it to one month or so initially so new email is readily available. Then shortly after business hours you can increase the cache a little at a time until the users get what they need synced and save on bandwidth during the workday. All of it will still be available using webmail anyways.

Note: If you are importing a user’s old PST data files this may be why they appear to disappear shortly after importing into their local Outlook.

See example below:



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