Take Your Backups from Scary to Merry

with air gap consulting from Mirazon, free with the purchase of a backup target!

Protect Your New Backup Target from Ransomware

Expanding or refreshing your backup target? Buy a new backup server, storage or cloud repository through us and let us help you construct an architecture that helps air gap your backups … for free!

For a free hour of consulting we’ll review your backup environment and assist you in planning the architecture to air gap it away from your network. This will help protect your backups from harmful ransomware encrypting your data.

Which backup targets qualify?

If you get a new Dell server for your backup environment, buy a SAN or invest in our Veeam Cloud Repository service through us, you qualify!

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Why air gap my backups?

Having good, recent backups is your best course of action if you get hit with ransomware. The key part to this is that it too cannot be encrypted by ransomware to be usable and the malware itself continues to iterate and evolve and get smarter in finding all mapped drives and devices. So, in order to protect your backups from being encrypted by ransomware, you have to take certain measures to separate it from your network.

Of course, the way you design that architecture has to also make sense for how you use it so it takes some careful planning and thought to get it right. That’s where we come in.

Back Up to a New SAN or NAS

Get a new Nexsan or ioSafe for on-prem backup storage!

Get a New Backup Server

Load up Veeam on a server with extra storage for your backup system.

Back Up to the Cloud

Achieve off-site backups with astounding ease with our cloud repository service.

I Need A New Backup Target and I Want Air Gap Help!