teched 2014Microsoft TechEd is always a really fun experience and this year was no exception.

There were a lot of really cool things Microsoft highlighted this year. Windows Phone 8.1 really looks like a step up and Microsoft is in the mobile game for the long haul.

Also, Hyper-V Recovery Manager wants to make Azure your DR colocation. With Hyper-V Recovery Manager, it is possible to get a 30 second RPO to Azure.

But if I had to choose ONE thing that, for me, defined TechEd this year it’s this: Learn. PowerShell.

That’s it. Two words. But this is a blog, not Twitter (#LearnPowerShell), so allow me to elaborate.

All of the labs I attended had the option to use PowerShell to complete the tasks. But it was Jeffrey Snover’s PowerShell session really sold me.

PowerShell Is Gaining Power

In his session, Snover talked about the creation of PowerShell, where it came from, where it is now and where it is going. In case you haven’t noticed, PowerShell is very prevalent in Windows Server and Exchange, among other products in the Microsoft family. If you have any experience with Citrix XenDesktop you know that it can be managed with PowerShell starting with XenDesktop 5. PowerShell is even more out front in XenDesktop 7.x.

Force Multiplier

When discussing the widespread adoption of PowerShell, Snover mentioned “VMware administrators.” With the adoption of virtualization, hardware has been consolidated, but the number of servers running as VMs has increased. Administrators had more servers to manage and needed something to make them more efficient. In the military, this is called a “force multiplier.” PowerShell is becoming the force multiplier of systems administrators.

PowerShell’s Continuing Integration

Recognizing this, Microsoft has gone a step further with integrating PowerShell in to its products. Soon it will be common for system administrators manage all their servers from a single console without accessing the desktop.  The future of Windows administration is here, and it’s the CLI!

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