So, at the Lync Conference they announced that Lync 2013 & Skype would be mostly/fully connected by this summer. It’s almost summer and I figured I would test it out.

First of all, on the Skype side you need v6.3.

Skype 6.3

And you need to login with your Microsoft account and not your Skype username. This means you must associate your Skype Account with your Microsoft Account. So when you launch Skype, instead of logging with your Skype name choose the Alternative / Microsoft Account option.

Log in with Microsoft account, not Skype

 It looks like this:

 Associate your Skype account with your Microsoft account

Now you can see that I’m logged into Skype with my Microsoft ID.

Logging into Skype with alternative account

Notice that my Lync account ( clearly shows both online and is identified as a Lync contact. I’m going to send a message to my Mirazon Lync account:

test message from new Skype/Microsoft account

At the moment it appears that the message comes from MSN (notice the MSN icon and notification text) but Microsoft has said that will reflect Skype when the MSN-Skype migration is done. Not only IM works –- audio works as well:

Unfortunately, video is not available…yet

video is not available yet

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