Remote Desktop Services in Server 2012 goes to a level that is beyond the area of influence this portion of the product had in the past. The biggest change that is going to affect your management of any environment is the approach that you can take now. Within the confines of one server that is running Server 2012, the Server Manager feature can administer and handle all other servers.

Remote Management

You can also use Remote Server Administration tools for Windows 8, allowing management of all Server 2012 Servers from a Windows 8 machine, leaving all servers physically undisturbed. You can also manage Server 2008 and 2008 R2 machines as long as the Windows Management Framework 3.0 is installed. With this method you can have minimal footprint Operating Systems installed using Server Core and can manage them all from a remote GUI. In the world where data is king; this can go a long way towards changing how an environment is deployed.

Leveraging The Power Of VDI

Microsoft is fully in with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and they have increased the focus and the power of VDI in Server 2012. The Big game changer with VDI has to do with pooling virtual desktops. Pooling VDI-based machines allows for the administrators to better handle and influence the virtual desktops they are responsible for.

You can create a single image and deploy them as a collection of virtual desktops. After that image is created and is your master you can make changes to the master image and deploy those changes to the virtual desktops using the Server Manager console.

RemoteFX And Graphics


RemoteFX, the last change to discuss, is the way forward for virtual desktops to handle graphics and graphic-intense processes.  This was a problem for a lot of end users; streaming video or any process that tended to be graphic intensive would be lackluster in a virtual desktop environment. This feature was available in Server 2008 R2, but it is worth mentioning here as well.

Given the leverage that Microsoft is putting towards VDI, RemoteFX can greatly impact end user satisfaction with virtual desktops. RemoteFX allows for the virtual desktops to take advantage of the graphics card that is within the physical Hyper-V host. This greatly improves performance and rendering of graphics and visual content for the end user.

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