The latest update for the Mondopad is here. The 1.8 software update includes over 50 improvements and new features for your favorite tablet. We have it installed at the office and it is very impressive.

Here are just a few of the new items added:

  • Auto provision to – see more about this below.
  • Auto email to – Creates and email account
  • Six-digit alpha-numeric pin for admin access
  • Annotate over video
  • Updated on-screen keyboard
  • Multi-user whiteboard
  • New Pens for whiteboard
  • Save-to-PDF functionality on whiteboard
  • Self-view picture-in-picture in full screen
  • Additional screen resolutions
  • Window 8 support
  • InFocus Management tool support – new management site
  • Mondopad invites can be done by IP address for non-discoverable networks
  • URL-based address book
  • Show third-party apps in the MondoPad Shell
  • Recover admin pin function
  • Office 2013 support

You get the idea. There are lots more. Drop us a line if you’d like to hear more about the update.

Vidtel Conferencing

The Vidtel conferencing software component has been sold to a private company and will no longer be functional by June 30. The new conferencing software is Once you install the 1.8 update you will have the option to auto-configure the Mondopad to use the new video conferencing. In addition to this, you can create address books that can be pushed to the Mondopads on your network.

If you’d like, you can also connect to a third-party video conferencing software, like Lync, WebEx, or GoToMeeting.

Additional Changes

Other new features include an email account via the same product to manage incoming and outgoing email from your device. There are enhancements to multi-touch, and you can now use up to five touch points. The number of pens for the whiteboard and annotation have increased from four to eight.

Another new option is the ability to add direct dialing over PSTN to any phone. This is a $25 a month feature, or you can port over an existing phone line.

Another sign of the maturity of the product are the changes coming to the software updates. Beginning with software update 2.0, all updates will be on a yearly subscription basis. This will provide the impetus for InFocus to bring even more amazing tools and services to the product. I’ve been fortunate to get a peek at the list of upcoming features.

Here is a teaser of just two of the features coming to version 2.0:

  • More shapes for the whiteboard including stars and arrows.
  • Dual streaming for video. (You REALLY do want this one. Trust me.)

If you are interested in an online demo of the Mondopad, email me and I will get you connected to a rep who can do a demo for you. Mirazon sells, installs and supports the Mondopad product line.