VMTurbo Vendor to Watch

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VMTurbo, a virtualization management and data center control tool, is August 2013’s Vendor to Watch according to industry analyst, EMA. This comes at a great time, when virtualization and cloud computing are being adopted at a fast rate and the need for their management is high.

EMA Vendors to Watch are companies that deliver unique customer value by solving problems that had previously gone unaddressed or provide value in innovative ways. The designation rewards vendors that dare to go off the beaten path and have defined their own market niches.

There are a myriad of features and functionalities that make VMTurbo an innovator in its space, but it’s really what VMTurbo does for its users: streamlines cloud computing management and improves storage performance, both of which significantly impact ROI. Previous research conducted by EMA shows that approximately 80 percent of organizations do not receive the desired ROI from hybrid cloud solutions.

According to EMA,

The underlying concept of VMTurbo is quite brilliant: The software turns application placement and resource allocation into a free market model, where applications can spend a pre-allocated amount of credits to obtain optimal storage, network and compute resources. If a more important application comes along it will be able to “purchase” more or better resources for optimal SLA compliance. VMTurbo then takes on the task of reallocating these resources, in near real-time, enabling customers to squeeze the maximum value out of existing resources, while minimizing the risk of SLA violations.

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