When talking managed IT services solutions, many people ask the same question, “Why would an IT consulting company want to offer and/or recommend a customer go to a managed solution?” This question comes up for various reasons but the conversation always comes to “why?”.

For Mirazon, there is one great reason we extend the offer of managed services as a solution, when you are making money, we are making money. This is a statement that has been made in every single managed services presentation I have attended or given. Once we get past any remediation projects in the beginning of the managed services engagement, we both are in a situation where things are running very smoothly and to the point where IT issues are not popping up like they were. Because of the proactiveness and monitoring services of a managed solution, small issues are now being resolved before they become bigger problem that distracts you from running your business.

So how does it help a consulting company like Mirazon if you are able to focus on running your business? Why would Mirazon care? And another question that comes up is whether or not you would be getting your money’s worth if issues aren’t popping up as often? All are great questions and ones that you should be asking of any consultant you are considering for managed services.

How does it help Mirazon?

First, let’s address how it helps a consultant like Mirazon. If you are focusing on your business and not having to think about IT, you can grow your company or at the very least continuing to satisfy your existing customers. That is the first part of what I said earlier “When you win, we win.” The second part of that statement also ties into how it helps and answers “Why would Mirazon care?”.

Why does Mirazon care?

If you aren’t hearing about issues or having to call us daily then that means you have a stable environment. A stable environment is exponentially easier to manage as compared to one that is on the verge of collapsing. It is no secret that if we are using less man hours fixing your environment, then we have a healthier bottom line from the managed engagement. Also, if you are growing your business and bringing on more staff and more hardware into your environment then that is a larger number of managed “units” on the agreement. Again, you are winning because your business is growing and becoming more profitable. We are winning because your environment has become easier and larger for us to manage.

Are you getting your money’s worth?

Speaking of easier to manage, now to address the last question typically asked, “Whether or not you are getting your money’s worth?”. The list of additional services that you have running in the background to maintain that stable environment is extensive and any managed solutions provider should be able to produce a list upon request if you are questioning the value. Not only should you be receiving daily monitoring but you should be meeting quarterly with your managed services team to plan for the future.


We understand the concerns that you may have as you consider your managed services options. We know you may have more questions but hopefully this answered some of the more common questions.

If you have more questions and want to learn about Mirazon’s manged services offerings, email or call us at 502-240-0404.