Rolling out monthly subscriptions to software, like monthly Office 365 subscriptions, has been met with mixed reviews from our clients for the most part. But, there is quite a silver lining to this pricing structure.

Have you ever had to buy specific software just to complete one project and then never used it again? Or worse, you thought it would do something you needed and it didn’t? Paying for something you don’t even use is the pits.

Pay for What You’re Using

You can add or remove licenses on the fly with Office 365, and that’s a good thing. If you need a more specialized Microsoft program, like Visio or MS Project, for a short period of time, that’s fine! You enable it when you need it and then cancel it when you’re done. So, instead of hundreds of dollars out of pocket up front, you pay a nominal monthly fee until you cancel. It’s as simple as that.

Flexibility to Scale with You

In the larger picture, having Office licensing and email set up this way can be a huge benefit to companies with volatile growth or seasonal workers. Like mentioned above, as you onboard or downsize employees, you can provision or cancel these licenses on the fly. If you’re a company of 200 during the holidays and only 100 the rest of the year, limiting your Microsoft Office spend to when you need it can introduce great cost savings.

Expanding this Concept to Business Technology

This model is so beneficial to businesses that we’ve applied it to how we provide IT consulting services. With Managed IT, you can increase or decrease your number of users or equipment with ease and pay a flat rate to normalize your IT spend.

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