businessmen-cell-tablet-laptopWith the release of iOS 8 and the update to Android’s iMessage counterpart, Hangouts, Wi-Fi calling is starting to hit the mainstream. However, there can be some challenges in ensuring carrier-class IP-based voice calling over Wi-Fi. Without a robust wireless network behind your Wi-Fi call, you could experience dropped calls or jitter, which is the result of latency/delay or packet loss.

Ruckus Wireless just announced several new features they are adding to the list of Smart Wi-Fi Technology that has made them an innovator in the industry.  These features optimize roaming and quality of service (QoS) necessary for reliable and high quality Wi-Fi Calling.

Automatic QoS Heuristics

A Ruckus Wireless network will prioritize Wi-Fi calling traffic to ensure a stable connection. The APs will identify the Type of Service (ToS) bits sets by the smartphone or through the size and frequency of packets.

Capacity-Based Client Access Control

To prevent service degradation, Ruckus ZoneFlex APs will implement a capacity-based client access control algorithm which will decline connection requests if an AP is overused. In other words, if too many people are trying to get on the Wi-Fi through a specific AP, it will start to reject requests when the connection quality is threatened. This protects the user experience during periods of heavy usage.

Directed Roaming

An AP that rejects connection can cause as many problems as it solves. That’s why Ruckus Wireless designed roaming using the 802.11v standard. It will direct clients toward another AP that can provide a better user experience. If a signal falls below a certain signal strength or throughput threshold, a ZoneFlex AP can automatically provide a list of alternative APs for that client to access.

Add these new innovations on top of Ruckus Wireless’s market-leading beamforming technology, BeamFlex, and your network can easily support Wi-Fi calling. These new features will become available this year.

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