dellWe partner with Dell to provide optimal client and enterprise hardware.

With products like desktops, servers, storage, and networking available, we’re able to offer top-of-the-line services at unbeatable cost. Customers and Mirazon alike choose Dell, which indisputably has the most value and highest performance.

Many of our customers have saved thousands of dollars by switching to Dell, not just in sheer hardware costs, but also through improved performance and increased productivity.

Dell continues to take their hardware to all-new levels of usability and service reliability. With that unbeatable enterprise-level performance at a small business cost, Dell is a best-of-breed solution for our customers, large and small.


We offer fully customizable Dell Desktop series for the optimal office experience as well as workstations optimized to run more robust applications. With the OptiPlex 3020, 7020, and 9020 series, secure and manageable performance is available at a small business price. We also offer the OptiPlex All-in-One 9030 and 3030 series, allowing for more space without compromise.

Laptops and Tablets

We sell professional-grade laptops from Dell to ensure security and high performance. The Latitude 14 7000 and E6540 series are secure, powerful, durable, easy to manage, customizable, and professional, all of which add up to an extremely solid performance. Dell Precision Mobile Workstations M3800 and M4800 are both optionally customizable and the lightest workstations ever, certified to run professional applications on the go.


We provide reliable servers, storage, and networking with Dell to boost efficiency and flexible performance. With PowerEdge, racks and towers have never been so efficient. We always recommend either the R630, R730, R730xd, T320, or T430 series for the most scalable, reliable, and high-performance servers.


The Dell PowerVault Direct Attached Storage series MD1200, MD1220, MD1400, and MD1420 allow us to provide customers with versatility and high-capacity storage, as well as prime performance in streaming applications.

For iSCSI SAN arrays, the MD3200i series is the best option for highly available and affordable expansion across Ethernet networks, while the MD3400 series provides maximum capacity and performance in an affordable package.


For organizations requiring constant connectivity, like 10/100 Base-T Fast Ethernet clients, we often recommend the PowerConnect 2800, 3500, and 5500 series switches. These Ethernet clients boast a performance that is 10x faster than even 10/100 networks in addition to being scalable and efficient.

The Dell Networking N2000, N3000, and N4000 series switches allow for networking that sports multi-chassis link aggregation and a 12-unit stacking support, allowing your office to operate smoothly and efficiently, while the X series switches are easily manageable and intuitive.

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