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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth A
Pound of Cure

We can offer pounds of cure, too, if you need it

Information security has never been more critical to organizations of all sizes. Bad actors are constantly attacking networks, preying on unsuspecting end users or trying to infect your systems with ransomware.

Through years of experience in configuring network security systems and remediating nasty malware attacks, Mirazon has honed a robust strategy for both preventing and mitigating cybersecurity breaches.

If you experience a breach, Mirazon offers emergency ransomware remediation services, but we hope we never have to meet like that. Ask us about our layered security strategy that helps prevent crushing malware events.

Finely-Tuned Firewalls
Air-Gapped Backups
Network Segmentation
Multi-Factor Authentication
Monitoring for Indicators of Compromise
Endpoint Protection
Spam / Web Filtering
DNS Filtering
End-User Training
Managed Detection and Response
Policy and Procedure Development & Enforcement

Security Re-Created

Mirazon’s Layered Security Strategy & Layered Data Protection Strategy

Key elements of Mirazon’s Cybersecurity initiatives revolve around our Layered Security Strategy. Through decades of experience, we’ve developed this proven process that ensures your business, employees, and IT infrastructure are protected at every level from potential threat actors. Want to lean more about it?


With our different security assessment packages, we can help you see what you’re doing right and new areas to improve.

Security Awareness Training

End users must recognize bad actors’ attempts to infiltrate your network through spam, phishing, smishing, spear phishing and other ever-evolving social engineering strategies.

Alerting and Monitoring

We can watch for Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) on your network to catch anything suspicious the second it starts.

Ransomware Remediation

Whether you’ve dealt with a ransomware attack in the past, are currently dealing with one, or are just trying to prevent one from happening – we understand how stressful and overwhelming it can be. Mirazon can help – however you need us.

Backup Protection and

Protect your backups from malicious actors and cyberthreats to minimize any unforeseen downtime and keep your business, employees, and data secure.

Industry-Leading Endpoint Protection

By using our endpoint security strategies, you can protect endpoints on your network with industry-leading programs for blocking and stopping malware and malicious activity before it spreads.

Network Segmentation and Monitoring

Bad actors can gain access to your environment and then move laterally through your network to access all kinds of data: sensitive personal data, financial data, etc. Prevent this with network segmentation.


This increasingly important security tool is essential for proper security. We can help you implement this process, as well as fine-tune settings and configuration in order to keep your IT environment and infrastructure protected and secure.

Cybersecurity Insurance Compliance

We’ll help you make heads or tails of the criteria you have to achieve for your cybersecurity insurance and then meet it!

Benefits of Working With Mirazon

Internal/External Threat Protection

The human element continues to be the cybersecurity’s weakest link. Insider threats can originate from current or former employees, third-party vendors, or even trusted partners, and they can be unintentional, careless, or downright malicious.

The motivations for cyber attacks can be just as diverse as the offenders themselves. Whether they are industrial spies, hacktivists, or cybercriminals, these bad actors all have one thing in common: how quick, clever, and covert their attacks are getting.

Regulatory Compliance & Risk Reduction

In response to the rising cyber threats and exposure of sensitive data that businesses face today, numerous regulatory authorities are establishing rules that will protect both enterprises and their consumers. Not to mention, if you’re wanting cybersecurity insurance, certain security strategies must be used to meet the criteria.

Business executives could use regulatory compliance in their approach to cybersecurity to gain an advantage over the competition before currently unregulated industries are forced into regulation.

Brand Trust/Reputation Protection

Perhaps the most compelling argument for the advantages of cybersecurity in business is the reputation that you build – and keep. Customer retention is one of the most crucial elements in business growth, and the damage caused by data breaches hits brand reputation the hardest.

Today’s consumers place a premium on brand loyalty, and a strong cyber security stance is the fastest route to customer referrals, repeat business, and increased per-ticket spending.

Workforce Education & Training

A layer of safety can be added to an organization’s daily operations by educating its employees about possible threats including ransomware, spyware, data breaches, and more. Employees will know what to do in case something goes wrong and be less likely to click on harmful links or download suspicious files or malicious software, which lessens the likelihood of mistakes and time wastage.

Your workforce will gain the fundamental understanding needed to easily handle day-to-day risks and understand the value of data security, preventing the company from coming to a complete halt.

Improved Efficiency & Productivity

As technology advances, cybercriminals find new ways to attack data, increasing the risk of a data breach. It is practically impossible for employees to work and businesses to run when networks and personal devices are slowed to a crawl by viruses and other cyberattacks.

You can significantly reduce breaches and the amount of downtime required to fix them by putting in place a variety of cybersecurity measures, such as enhanced firewalls, virus scanning, and automatic backups.

Knowledge, Expertise, & Experience

The level of experience of an external organization is typically higher because they deal with significantly more alerts and breaches than an in-house organization will. And, as a result of that knowledge, an external entity can often do a more sophisticated job of transforming an alert into an actionable proposal.

Our experts have a wide range of experience that they can draw upon when advising customers, having worked in a variety of industries and with businesses of various sizes.

Minimized Financial Loss

Cybersecurity measures can reduce financial losses for people, companies, and organizations.

You can considerably decrease the likelihood of a successful cyberattack and lessen the financial consequences from it by putting in place efficient cybersecurity measures. This can entail taking precautions like using secure passwords, upgrading programs and systems frequently, installing firewalls and antivirus software, and training staff members on how to recognize and prevent potential cyber attacks.

Threat Detection & Response

Mirazon can give users improved understanding of current and potential risks, as well as how to recognize and counter a cyber attack.

By outsourcing some of your cybersecurity tasks, our experts are able to provide you regular reports notifying you of anomalous behavior in your network and by your end users that may indicate something has been compromised. From there, we can work with you on how best to take action with the use of our security solutions.

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