Checked Out: 5 Signs You Should Change IT Providers

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Feb 14, 2023 by Taylor Krieg

The days of IT service providers only being available to address problems after they arise are long gone – or at least they need to be. Today’s IT providers need to be proactive. If you’re looking for signs you should change IT providers, you’re not alone.

According to a global survey by Everest Group of enterprise clients, nearly 50% of 132 questioned claimed they are not satisfied with their IT service providers, with 25% of them stating they were “very unsatisfied.” Why is this? Has your IT provider checked out?

Businesses are frequently apprehensive of switching IT providers, causing them to accept inadequate services until the prices become untenable – or worse. If you’re unsure your current IT provider is serving your company’s needs, here are some red flags that indicate a change might be necessary:

5 Signs You Should Change IT Providers

1. You only see them when times are tough

Simply said, many providers lack the resources necessary to take initiative. The “fire of the day” is what they spend their time putting out.

One of the numerous tasks your IT provider oversees is, to put it simply, fixing IT problems, and they’re being paid to manage all facets of your IT operations. You aren’t receiving the best return on your IT investment if they just frequently carry out one task.

But it goes beyond that. If the same issues keep cropping up and hindering your business’s productivity, this should be a warning indication that your IT provider isn’t actively looking for the root causes of the issues.

Your IT provider should frequently assess your IT environment in order to foresee potential issues and take preventative measures to address them. You’ll notice far less downtime and a more effective business overall if your IT provider is carrying out their responsibilities properly.

2. They are slow to respond and react

Things can go wrong at any second, which is okay and normal. Nevertheless, when they do, you must have confidence that your IT provider will manage the situation for you, as ticket response time is critical. If you have to regularly contact the provider for progress updates on outstanding tickets, or if they consistently fail to deliver updates and patches in accordance with the SLA, it’s time to look for a new provider – and real partner, like Mirazon.

Mirazon triages and assigns tickets within 12 minutes and can actively monitor your infrastructure to make sure no problems are developing. If they do, you’ll hear it from us first, along with actionable steps towards a solution. This is key to our vision of “worry-free IT.”

3. They lack communication skills and industry knowledge

Open communication between clients and IT providers is necessary to establish confidence. If you can’t understand one another, either because the provider solely uses technology jargon or because they aren’t familiar with your business or industry, it will be difficult to forge a successful alliance and partnership.

If your IT provider doesn’t thoroughly understand your industry or business, they won’t be able to deliver relevant solutions to help your company expand or accomplish its objectives. This is especially troublesome in businesses with strict regulations. Your specific compliance criteria may have strict penalties and legal repercussions if you don’t follow them.

Part of Mirazon’s core values is delivering expertise without arrogance and bringing honesty, integrity, and value to everything we do. We’re on the same team, after all.

4. Your cybersecurity isn’t being taken seriously

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – It’s never been more important to protect your business from cybersecurity threats! Scammers are continuously coming up with innovative new ways to infiltrate businesses. So, if you think your business is protected, think again. Traditional anti-virus software is insufficient to shield your business from an attack that could leave you broke or, worse, unable to function.

Consequently, you need a sophisticated and strong security policy to shield you from the various methods that hackers attack businesses nowadays. All security access points are safeguarded and actively monitored by Mirazon’s NOC personnel, and our experts will make you feel confident in your security and policies, so you can get back to what really matters.

5. They aren’t advising cutting-edge technologies that are suitable for your business

Many small providers face the difficulty of not having the resources to explore and adopt new technology for your organization – but not Mirazon.

Your company will quickly become dependent on outdated and ineffective systems if your IT provider never suggests improved technology or procedures. Continuing to use outdated hardware and software that’s out of sync with industry standards could put your business in jeopardy.

Mirazon identifies when particular technologies or procedures are ineffective and suggests ways to make them better by advising new technologies – all working within your budget. Our experts stay informed so they can help you stay competitive, meet business goals, and be an industry-leader.

If you know what to look for, you will see the signs you should change IT providers. Mirazon will welcome you with open arms and forge a long-lasting partnership with you and your team.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Mirazon can be your partner – not just IT provider – please call 502-240-0404 or send us an email at

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