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Dec 29, 2022 by Taylor Krieg

In today’s world, we hear a lot about companies trying to move everything to the cloud – hoping to magically fix all their problems and gain a competitive advantage in their business.

We also hear about companies who still want to run as many workloads as possible on premise, whether for cost savings or control. Some having been burned by the unpredictable costs of a “cloud-first” initiative, finding their bill is shooting through the roof faster than Space-X’s new rocket. While cloud providers seemingly like to talk about cost savings and how their products are better than on prem, your pocketbook doesn’t always agree.

We’ve seen many different types of scenarios for businesses of all sizes and industries. Sometimes the cloud is the right option, and sometimes it’s not. As with most things in the IT world, the answer to the question, “is it right for you?” – it depends.

For some companies, knowing where to start is half the battle – Is your company big enough? Are you ready for it? How do you go about choosing a cloud provider? If you find yourself asking these questions, don’ worry. Our experts are in your arsenal, no matter how big or small the metaphorical battle might be.

If you find that cloud migration is right for you, initial planning is crucial for your longevity in the cloud, keeping maintenance and rework to a minimum.

Forming A Cloud Migration Plan

As mentioned previously, initial planning is crucial for your longevity in the cloud. The process to ensure minimum maintenance and rework can be tedious, but Mirazon experts are here to help you work out the kinks. We try and simplify this process for you by following the steps below:

Cloud Migration

1. Develop Strategy

Based on your workload priorities, business objectives, and migration triggers, we identify and develop your cloud strategy and goals.

2. Evaluate Existing Infrastructure

We locate your infrastructure, create a thorough inventory of it, and evaluate your on-premises environments.

3. Create Migration Plan

We develop a comprehensive migration strategy based on workload priorities, deadlines, resources, milestones, and budget.

4. Prepare Your Organization

We support your IT and application development teams in staying current on cloud technologies, operational procedures, and migration tools.

5. Initiate Migration

In accordance with the selected migration strategy, our cloud professionals migrate your workloads to the cloud environment in waves.

6. Secure and Manage

Across all cloud environments, we assist you in managing and securing your workloads.

On-premises to cloud migrations can seem like a tough project to follow-through with, but we all know there are countless benefits that come along with this type of project. Mirazon can assist in whatever way you need – whether it be helping to conjure up a plan, provide advice/guidance, or fulfilling the project ourselves. We’ve got your back – and your IT environments’.

If you’d like to learn more about this or have any additional questions or concerns, please call 502-240-0404 or send us an email at

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