Mirazon is a true IT consulting firm, built on service; not just good service but outstanding service.

Our IT consultants are among the best in their particular areas of expertise. They are skilled in being able to reduce implementation time of projects, lower the total cost of implementing great technology to solve real problems, and, most importantly, keep your goals and objectives top of mind.

We only employ those who wish to be here long term and provide unparalleled service and response time. For this reason, we hire full time employees as consultants – not temporary contractors.

The customer views the Mirazon engineer as one of their own staff members and a trusted adviser. Every meeting we had they looked for him to advise them. I was told by the director how lucky they are to partner with Mirazon and work with their engineers

Trevor Speer, X-IO Technologies

Mirazon has improved our IT by not only being a fresh set of eyes to look at a problem but also the engineers that work there are just a knowledge vault and they know their stuff. Every single guy at Mirazon that I’ve talked to is an A-team player and because of that, they can solve issues quickly and completely in a manner that those issues don’t have to get revisited.

Dave Mast, NewPointe Community Church

Our (Mirazon) consultant hit the ground running. Off the bat, it was as if he had been there for six months. I can throw him problem after problem, switch priorities, throw him into fires without him questioning why. When (our consultant) is here he’s always working. He has only one thing on his mind. He takes ownership of a list of prioritized tasks and responsibilities. No micro-managing is needed. It’s a dream for a director.

Bill Roberts, Choice Systems

Microsoft Solutions

There are a variety of Microsoft solutions that can improve your business operations and we understand the ins and outs of how to make them work in your unique environment.

IT Consulting

We can fill the need for an entire IT department or seamlessly complement the IT staff and systems you currently have. We’re there where you need us, when you need us.

IT Training

Having technologies does little good if the users do not have the proper skills and training to use them effectively. We will also spend time at the end of each project for proper training.

CIO Outsourcing

Because of how integral IT is to your organization’s success, a vision and strategy are essential. We can outsource a CIO to you to align your technology with your goals.