After many Bing searches for how to convert virtual machines when migrating from VMware to Hyper-V 2012, you are more confused than when you started.

I found myself in the same position. So, I built a lab and tried a few different processes. In my case I had an older ESX host, no vCenter, no SQL, and no SCVMM configured. I followed a few trusted how-to’s and took the time to install vCenter, built a new server that had an OS that supported SCVMM and SQL, which I installed, updated, patched, and granted lots of permissions, services, and settings changes.

After all that, it would not work as advertised. One piece or the other would connect, but it would never run the conversion. Of course, that’s why we use labs and not the live environment. What I found after a few more tests was that I just needed a PC with lots of storage, the standard VMware view Client, a third-party free VMDK to VHD converter, and patience. vCenter and SCVMM are great tools, but unless you plan on using them after the fact to manage your environment of already converted VMs, you will likely be disappointed.

The high level overview of my “go to” conversion process:

Download your VM’s to a PC you can use for conversion using VMware vSphere Client:



Convert the files:



Upload them to your Hyper-V server, then build a new VM and attach your converted drives:


Whenever you are ready to convert your ESX VMs to Hyper-V, give us a call. We will save you the headaches, gotchas and hassles of going down the wrong path wasting your valuable time and/or potentially doing it incorrectly and destroying working VM’s and environment.

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