cyber securityA High-Performance Firewall with Better Security and More Control

Network edge cyber security is more important than ever, with growing cloud adoption and increasing numbers of devices used for work. In order to keep important data and performance safe and secure, everyone has to have a firewall. However, not all firewalls are created equal.

Without a robust network edge security strategy, there’s no telling what garbage is getting into your network.

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

By consolidating multiple network security functions into a single device, both large and small organizations get a cost-effective and simplified way of dealing with today’s sophisticated, evolving security threat landscape.


Of course, it all starts with the inspection of inbound and outbound traffic on a network, allowing safe traffic to pass while blocking that which is unsafe.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Allowing employees to securely access their company’s network while outside the office is an essential feature in today’s increasingly mobile world.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Monitor, log, identify and (optionally) stop malicious network activity.

Application Control

Identify and control applications on networks and endpoints (PCs, mobile devices, etc.) regardless of the port, protocol or IP address used.

Web/Content Filtering

Explicitly allow or block website traffic, based on a number of configurable parameters such as reputation and/or category of the website visited.


Real-time protection against malicious software being installed on a system.

Advanced Threat Protection

Use a set of sophisticated techniques designed to identify and stop Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). APTs target specific people or functions within organizations, infiltrate from multiple vectors (phishing attacks, web drive-bys, etc.) and use extensive evasion techniques to remain stealthy for long time periods before exfiltrating data.

Easy-to-Use System

FortiGates don’t require a firewall expert. The system integrates easily into Active Directory, Windows environments and is simple to use.

Unparalleled Performance

With a vigorous featureset like FortiGate’s UTM, it would make sense for performance to take a hit. However, FortiGates are up to five times faster than competing firewalls.

Traditional security appliances use multi-purpose CPU-based architectures, which can quickly become network bottlenecks. FortiGate’s purpose-built ASIC accelerates specific parts of packet processing and content scanning while also running multiple security applications simultaneously to prevent degraded and bottlenecked performance.

  • Speed up with the industry’s fastest next-generation firewall platform
  • Control and ID more types of applications, users, and devices
  • Reduce your risk of data breach with top-rated security effectiveness (NSS Labs Recommended, Virus Bulletin, AV Comparatives)
  • Improve your protection even further with FortiSandbox (integrated advanced threat protection) and FortiAuthenticator (extended user authentication)
  • Simplify your security infrastructure and administration with intuitive management and reporting on a consolidated platform

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